Allow yourself to relax and make the most of your day using Grace’s Sitters.

Hourly rates from:

Daytime childcare (before 7pm): £12

Evening babysitting (7pm until midnight): £10

After midnight: £12

Rates double on NYE

Grace’s Sitters operates in half hour increments, with a minimum of 2 hours charged per sitting

Rates above are for 1-3 children, for 4 or more children rates are increased by £2 per hour per child

If your sitter lives more than 15 minutes from your house the first hour of the sitting will be charged at a higher rate


If you wish to cancel your sitting please email Grace at gracessitters@gmail.com

Cancellation policy:

  • Cancellations within 18 hours of the sitting will be subject to pay 1 hour
  • Cancellations within 4 hours of the sitting will be subject to pay 2 hours